Excerpt 2

Josh pulls his knees up to his chest. I slide my shoulders up the back of his thighs, then squeeze between them to rest my stomach on his, already damp with precum. His eyes are locked in mine, blank, hungry. I’m ready to master this bitch.

My heavy cock slides up between his crack and nudges his scrotum. His dick is pressed between our lower abdomens. I spit four times into my right hand. I thoroughly slather my tool, then lube round Josh’s hole. I slide in with an easy squish. His rectum sucks my bone in deep.

Josh moans. He shoots between our bellies as soon as I enter. His lips open and pursed. Eyebrows arched. Eyes only half open, rolling. Veins in his neck popping.

The sweet, starchy smell of his cum fills my nostrils, burns into my brain like musk.

I stab into him without care or gentleness, faster and faster, harder and harder. Josh yowls as my cock plunges towards his heart.

My hands are planted on either side of Josh’s head. He turns his head and bites my wrist. I barely feel it. Almost all my nerve endings have gathered together in Josh’s ass.

The fucking is unmanageable. Both our bodies thrash as if animated by some invisible engine, steel pistons sliding, heating up, vibrating, on jellied rails.

The bed quakes, possessed. Mattress working loose of box springs. Headboard maniacally drumming the wall. Josh loses grip on his knees, which drive themselves instinctively to my ribs. His arms thrash wide, knocking a small lamp off the nightstand.

I roar. I curse. I beg whatever gods or devils possess us now to take us over completely, engulf us in flames, leave no ashes.

I shoot and for three seconds both our hearts stop beating. Josh screams in my face, tears streaming. I go cold from by lower spine up to my shoulders. My cock pins him to the mattress. My buttocks clenches firm, drives down to him. For a fleeting moment I have the odd sensation of my soul entering Josh—as if I were inside looking out.

We are slippery with fresh hot sweat. Perhaps I meant to pull out before cumming, perhaps I should have taken precaution, perhaps that was part of the plan … I forget. The whole room feels like its rolling downhill.

Josh’s body and mine continue to crash into each other. He wraps his legs over my ass, locks his ankles together, and squeezes, greedily pressing every drop of jizz into him.

My body shudders, like a wild beast shot with a stun gun, and collapses on his. Side of my face against the side of his face. Our bodies, having melted into each other, begin tentatively to untangle, retake their original shapes, reassert themselves as separate beings. I pull out, Josh rolls on his side and curls up, as if just knifed in the gut.

I grab Josh’s hair and roughly pull his head up to my face. I inhale the scent of his submission, let it fill my lungs. Take that. You’re mine. I made you. I flex my muscles into him. Wrap him into me. For a few seconds he lies here stunned, like a hare in a snake’s coil. I drift out of consciousness as he tries to wriggle free.


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