For several seconds I lie on my side, study his face, just inches away. Soak him in with my eyes. Then I lean into him, inhale, take in his scent. Lick his cheekbone with dog-like devotion, lick his throat, his nips, both of them. Run my tongue down his abs to his navel, dampen the hairs on his treasure trail, kiss his hard cock.

I take his balls between my thumb and forefinger and massage. Lick the loose underskin of his penis. His body shivers. He puts his hand gently on the back of my head, not to guide as much as just to touch. His fingertips seem to read the bumps of my skull like braille.

I take him in my mouth, feel his head against the back of my throat. His pubes fill my nostrils. I suck his cock, wet noisy greedy slurps. My stomach growls. His cock swells in my mouth. My lips feel the pressure of the blood in his veins, bulging, glistening in saliva.

Taste his precum, salty and sweet, earthy, human, male. My right hand wanders up to his stomach. Fondling the abs it so recently assaulted. Then up higher, to pinch his nips.

Pull away, reposition myself at the end of the bed. Pull his body to me, raise his legs and rest the back of his thighs on my shoulders. Bury my face under his balls, licking the line that runs from his scrotum to his hole. Pushing him up and wider with my shoulders.

Spreading his cheeks, cupping them in my hands now, massaging. Nip them lightly with my teeth. Pinch. Spank them lightly with my fingers. Stab my tongue into his crack. He moans. My tongue draws wet rings round his hole. His heels dig in my lats. The rings get smaller and smaller, until my tongue slips past the skin and feels the smooth muscle of his anus.

Tongue flickers and darts like a hummingbird’s tongue. His hole contracts and relaxes. Josh sighs, from deep inside his body. He tastes of clay and spice.

I am rock hard.


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