Adams v King

Wes Adams versus Jonathan King, PowerSlam Productions, Heidelberg, Mississippi, 16 March 2009

Good match, especially considering the sparse audience of (it looks like) about 20. King has a quasi-Von Erich allure, and Adams is a fine comical heel. PowerSlam is a brand new fed based in Mississippi, and if this clip is any indication, it shows real promise. And the videography is excellent, especially considering the lighting conditions and the use of a single camera.


  1. Nice action and physiques on both men. You nailed it describing King as a Von Erich type. He definitely has that look and vibe. Adams is a nice beefy heel. Somebody needs to shut up that whimpering kid though.

  2. Yeah, this match is 10 times the fight you usually get on TV. If it weren't for YouTube and some guy with a video camera, only about 20 or so people would have seen it.


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