He's a Lightweight

Sean Royal versus Ricky Nelson, a quick-and-easy squash on NWA/WCW, 22 August 1987, via matbaskin


  1. Brad from MinneapolisSeptember 7, 2009 at 12:57 AM

    Ah, Sean Royal ... I preferred him in his earlier, face days, especially because he was wearing skimpier pro trunks then. But hell, those muscles and that beautiful face of his would look good in parachute pants! I even liked him in his later, bizarro tag-team-from-the-future schtick, if for no other reason than it was hot to see a stud like him acting a little stupid...

  2. Nice video, with two athletic young wrestlers. Sean Royal seemed to be enjoying himself as he squashed hapless Ricky Nelson. This must be from the mid 1980's. Don't know what's become of Sean, but Ricky's evidently still wrestling somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic area. Thanks for posting.


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