The Hollywood Brunettes

Somewhere between my long-running jones for Kyle Matthews and my amused distaste for feathery wrestling costumes, the Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander and Kyle Matthews) hold a solid (firm and hard) place in my heart.

The tag team’s name, of course, is a riff on the original Hollywood Blonds (Buddy Roberts and Jerry Brown) in the 1970s NWA—who dropped the feminine “e” in their name—out of either a healthy respect for gender-correct spelling or concerns about hinky sexual connotations. Though tough, dispassionate fighters in the ring (i.e. they don’t “play gay” for the crowd), the Brunettes apparently ha

The MySpace profile labels the glittery duo as “Straight.” But the fellas camp it up a bit in their interests section:

The Hollywood Brunettes only jam the hottest tracks. They love their girls Jessica (Simpson), Lindsey (Lohan), and Paris (Hilton). They wish Brit would get her act together, 'cause girlfriends lost her damn mind. Diddy always throws the sickest parties. A Squared LOVES Kel Clar and they're obviously both down with Evanescence.

… versus Thunder & Lightning, ProSouth Wrestling, Piedmont, Alabama, 24 April 2009


  1. I completely agree about the Moreira/Brock match from BG East! Thanks for connecting some of these dots! Love your work!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Bard! I’m a big fan of your blog neverland, too.


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