Lucky Dog (24)

Geoff grabbed Bud’s left ear and smashed the heel of his left hand up on Bud’s nose. He felt a hot huff of air against his palm and then a spurt of blood as the cartilage gave with an audible snap.

Bud let go of Geoff’s cock and punched his sternum again and again, each blow harder than the last, as if he meant to smash through it to rip Geoff’s heart out by the roots.

Geoff clawed at Bud’s face, his fingernails snagging in the flesh. He thrust up his knees to batter the side of Bud’s ribcage.

Then he grabbed Bud by the hair and slammed his head to his kneecaps. Bud’s blood spattered the chest of Geoff’s sweatshirt. The bottom half of Bud’s face was now one ugly vermilion smear.

Bud dropped on top of Geoff’s upper body. His head throbbing, he stretched his arms in either direction, grabbed Geoff by his cock and one ear, lifted him about a foot off the stone-and-concrete floor, and slammed him back down, driving his left shoulder to Geoff’s ribs on impact.

Geoff’s body convulsed. At the back of his tongue, Geoff tasted bitter gastric juices and stale beer. A small amount of the sickly yellow liquid spurt through his lips to his chin.

Bud reared back and hammered Geoff in the mouth. The new dentures popped out in two broken pieces and tumbled on the floor like wet, sticky dice.

Geoff’s knees flexed up, slamming Bud’s shoulder, and Geoff rolled over backwards sweeping Bud along with him. One knee landed on the bridge of Bud’s nose.

Geoff hauled himself unsteadily to his feet, one fist grasping the front of Bud’s T-shirt, the other, the front waist of his jeans. He forced Bud up to a standing position, then grabbing him by the scruff of his T, he swung him to the wall.

Two small framed pictures shattered on the floor, broken glass fanned out at their feet.

Geoff pinned Bud’s body to the wall and let loose a barrage of blows to his lower ribs, intent on finding one he could bust.

Bud pushed back, refusing to be hemmed in.

Geoff tugged the back of Bud’s T-shirt up to his shoulders. The gnarled cotton bit into Bud’s armpits. Geoff hauled Bud away from the wall by the back of his shirt and hurled him cross the room.

(To be continued)


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