The Dump (13)

Lucas rolls and grinds Joey’s head, aiming to bust up his ear.  Second only to hurting people, Lucas likes to bust pretty boys up … Joey is certainly a looker, too … an almost irresistible temptation for Doug:  something handsome to mess up. 

Joey has the looks of a babyface, sure, but also the heart of a sadistic heel. 

Joey manages a grip on Doug’s leg below the knee.  He strains to pull it up, his fingers slipping on the grease.  So he grabs the bright pink string of Lucas’s thong and yanks it up.  He unbalances his opponent but doesn’t throw him—still, he does shove him a little closer to the wall of the cage. 

With great effort now he bucks Doug up against one of the steel poles.  He drives his full weight into him four or five times, till Doug loosens the hold on his head and he escapes. 

Loose, Joey explodes with a volley of punches to Lucas’s nose and mouth.  The back of Doug’s head clangs against the pole, and the crowd chants “Jo-EEE! Joe-EEE!” stomping the floor and pounding the tables.

Doug’s face is bloodied as Joey’s fists smash into him.  His arms spread to grasp the cage as his body slides down into the corner.  Blood dribbles from his lips as Lucas gasps for air.  His chest and gut are spotted red as the blood drips down the front of him.

Vim rears back driving his foot into Lucas’s chest forcing a loud bellow from him as the wind is knocked out of him.  Doug rolls forward onto his chest as he sucks in air trying to refill his aching lungs.  Vim drops his knee to the back of Lucas’s skull making his entire body jolt from the pain.  Doug lay face down on the mat moaning as Vim takes control of the fight.

Vim pulls Lucas up by the hair dragging him on his knees across the cage.  As they reach the far side of the cage Vim sets up to slam Doug’s face into the steel bars.  Before Vim can execute the move, Doug rams his cast into Joey’s belly doubling him over.  The cast then slams into the side of Joey’s head sending a flash of light across his vision, followed by darkness.  

Seconds later, Vim awakens, laid out on the mat with Doug standing over him.  Vim’s ears ring, and his vision is blurred.  He cannot focus on anything other than Lucas’s thick trail of hair stretching from his thong waistband and trailing off above his navel.  

Doug rubs his swollen belly as he watches Vim scurry backward trying to move away from his advance.  Doug stomps on Vim’s foot, trapping it and halting Vim.  Joey kicks up, ramming Lucas in the side of his knee, sending him crashing to the canvas. 

Vim slips his legs around Lucas’s torso, then slides them up under his armpits, locking them behind Doug’s neck.  Lucas yells as Vim tightens his scissors hold.  More blood splatters across Doug’s chest as his head is forced down by the hold.  Lucas struggles, trying to muster the strength to break free as Vim keeps his legs locked in place.

(To be continued)


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