Sibling Rivalry

Boys play ruff in these videos from Hairboatr927:


  1. I wonder how my guys had their first sexual experience wrestling their brother?

  2. Interesting question.

    I can speak only for myself. I was an only child, and from the earliest age I wanted a brother--not a sister, and not a baby brother, but a brother my size or bigger so we could fight. And I remember specifically wanting a brother who liked to fight and who knew how to fight.

    And, yes, there was a great deal of pre-adolescent eroticism (I was four or five when I first had this wish, which continued into young adulthood) tied into the idea of fighting with a brother--and my earliest fantasies were of having an imaginary brother--more specifically, of having Tarzan or some jungle warrior as a big brother--to that end, the brotherly fight in Disney's SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON (Tommy Kirk vs James MacArthur) was intensely erotic for me as a child.

    And frankly even now in my late middle age, this fantasy has a powerful allure for me.


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