Can He Be Stopped?

The economy being what it is and all, I've been feeling the need to invest in some Gold Bullion, by which I mean the evil villain with superhuman strength, wreaking havoc throughout the planet.  A generous 12-minute peek into his nefarious ways is available here (the complete first episode of the SuperHeroFights series, which first crossed swords just this past spring).  I hope he "plans his next attack" at my place.

Superheroes rock, but they'd be nothing without their evil nemeses.  Agreed?  As a kid, I wanted to grow up to be a supervillain; some of my freshmen composition students right now are no doubt convinced I've reached that goal.


  1. cadwrestl@yahoo.comNovember 12, 2009 at 7:53 AM

    It's often said (meaning, "I often say it")that a muscular stud in skimpy wrestling trunks or speedos or singlet is a bigger turnon that a stud who is completely naked. Which brings me (there's a segue here, I promise) to the question of the erotic impact of the colors of superheroes' costumes. Take our superhero Gold Bullion. On paper, the gold-and-black outfit would not necessarily register as a hot combination. But oh, my, how well those two colors highlight a Superhero's muscles, and how well they draw attention to the magnificent quads beneath the skintight black tights, and how very well the golden Super-Speedos highlight the Super-cock lurking beneath. (And to all of those purists who object to the commercialization of Superhero-dom by the insertion of a Speedo logo on our intergalactic visitor's uniform, I ask, "Hey, how do YOU expect a Superhero to pay his atomic power bills without a bit of product placement here and there?"
    Brad, Minneapolis


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