He's BK Jordan and You're Not

All photos by Christine J. Coons

Can somebody help me dig up more info on Top Rope Promotions wrestler BK Jordan?  He's been around for a couple of years as a pro wrestler.  He was the 2007 Kowalski Cup champ for TRP, but he doesn't seem to have a web page or a profile on MySpace or Facebook that I can find.  Does he wrestle under any other names?  Even some stats would be nice.

According to the Top Rope web site, after winning the Kowalski Cup in 2007, Jordan won the TRP Insterstate Championship in August of 2008. 

In September 2009, however, Top Rope announced that the interstate championship had been vacated since Jordan had not defended the belt in a while.

Jordan’s last appearance with TRP was in a tag-team match with partner Mike Bennett, losing to Matt Taven and Jason Blade.  That was five months ago.

In fact, following his championship victory in 2008, Jordan had had a series of defeats, but managed to retain the belt on the basis of contract technicalities. 

Top Rope proclaimed Mike Bennett the new champion at the end of a ladder match on November 6th.

So where’s Jordan now?

Maybe the guy is an erratic performer.  But I like Jordan's brio and swagger, not to mention his buzzcut, thighs, and gut.  Too bad Top Rope doesn't have a deal with a video distributor.  I'd like to see more of him in action than I can find on YouTube (a humiliating cameo on RAW and a match against oiled-up cutie Matt Taven).  More than that, I would love to punch that gut and spank that ass.

I'll be honest with you, guys.  Jordan rings my chimes ... can't tell you exactly why except to say something about him makes me want to get my hands (at least!) all over him.

A little BK sass here.


  1. cadwrestl@yahoo.comNovember 16, 2009 at 8:11 PM

    Hey, Joe, here are the latest clues from your Super-Speedo-Sleuth:

    1. Did you see the YouTube vids featuring BK Jordan making one or more appearances on WWE? Maybe he's locked into some crazy contract where he needs to cancel all non-WWE images/vids/references of/to himself.
    2. In particular, did you see the YouTube vid of Jordan that was sent in by someone who claims to have been a student who had Jordan as a schoolteacher? Joe, the guy's spelling and grammar is so atrocious that -- as an English professor -- I'd recommend you take a shot of whiskey before looking at it.

    And don't for a minute think that you are the only one who lusts for BK Jordans muscles and bulges. Granted, he does not have matinee idol looks, but oh, oh, oh, those finely developed muscles all over his body, and those great AussieBum style speedos with bulges everywhere we want them to be, and that kick-ass, overachieving attitude ... move over, Joe, I'm climbing in the BK Broiler Club to join you in your frolicking...
    Brad, Minneapolis

  2. S'long as BK's up for a 3-way no-disqualification match, I don't mind, Brad. Thanks for keeping an eye out for him. Hopefully he'll pop up again somewhere soon.

  3. Make it a four-way. He's a total piece of ass, and I like his looks as well.


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