Joker Meets Klown

UCW provides more gut-punching action featuring its most colorful heel, Joker, against one of its most talented and dependable faces, Klown, Joker's tag-team partner in another life.  Putting Joker in pink again is an inspired touch, and I only hope that the curse of pink holds out this time because nothing would satisfy me more, deep down, than to see Klown hand Joker his ass at the end of all this.  

UCW is the place to go for gut-punching fans.  What's remarkable is that the punching is not only for real (you can hear each satisfying smack of knuckles on muscle) but also almost seamlessly  mixed  into the wrestling action.

Klown is neck and neck with current champ Axel as my favorite UCW wrestler.  Klown's ahead for now until Axel shows back up to prove he's still got his stuff ... and a showdown between the two has got to come soon or I'll explode ... Come to think of it, I'll explode even when it comes.

Klown promised me a championship shot was in the works a month ago, so come on, fellas, let's put that belt on the line.  Two wiry fighters who give each match 100%, the intense, ball-breakin', bully-bustin' Axel versus the kool-as-a-kukumber, street-kredible Klown, what could be nicer?


  1. Joe, your usually reliable reportage failed to note one aspect of this video clip that brought great excitement to my always-reliable measuring rod of wrestling eroticism, namely, the multiple tugs and pulls by Joker on Klown's blue trunks. What a torturous tease! The unveiling of the "Klown Jewels"! Well, it never quite happens, but how 'bout those final shots to the Klown's abs as he lies draped over Joker's knee, during which Joker, for no apparent reason (but thank god he does things for n.a.r.!) simultaneously opens up Klown's trunks for the sheer hell of it... Ah, erotic intimidation is the sincerest form of control.

    Brad, Minnesota

  2. Sorry to let you down on these crucial points, Brad.

    I have seen the full match now, and I'm sworn to secrecy about the ending or else Michael Tovar (aka Bodyslam, UCW's boss and resident genius) is personally going to kick my ass.

    I think I can say, though, that THIS. IS. THE. MATCH. TO. SEE. It's UCW's best to date--sexier, meaner, funnier, and (I repeat myself) sexier than anything they've done to date. What's great about the guys at UCW is that they are new and HUNGRY, and they keep on topping themselves.

    I know I risk over-hyping this match, and I don't want to do that. I wouldn't want to spoil it for anybody. All I'm saying is it knocked me out.

    God, how I'd like to get my hands on both these dudes!


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