Lucas Tuijn

5'10" Dutch wrestler Lucas Tuijn wrestles as Johnny B-Wire, a "psycho" military stud-heel, with Pro Wrestling Showdown in the Netherlands.

A few days ago he defended his Toughest Motherfucker of Europe trophy against Thumbtack Jack, in a million-thumbtacks match, where supporters of the heel seem as numerous as supporters of the challenger.  (Via Showdownpromotions.  Also check out this video of the same match from some foxy female fans' point of view, with excellent shots of Tuijn's beautiful tortured bod, via Psychara0x)

Ring photos by Pascal Milhavet


  1. Finally, some recognition of just how hot the Dutch can be. They've got all the handsome, masculine blue-eyed blonde-ness of the Scandinavians and Germans, with more muscle than the Scandinavians and more beauty than the Germans. Gimme a Czech or Duth musclestud anytime ... and get this Dutch pro wrestling hottie into some speedos!


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