Max Anderson

NHB-Battle has released five or six DVDs now without 5'11", 204# blondy Max Anderson, but for a few years running he's been the man to beat on the mats.  No doubt he still has followers (besides me, of course), and it would be great to see the dependable wrestle-stud, now in his mid-twenties, I reckon, face off against some of the leaner, younger newbies like 6'1" Connor Flynn and 6'1" Marco Talus at least one more time.

Here are some lickable likable shots of Max in action and posing:

Max vs Chet Masters

Max with Dillon Walsh

Max and Jax Holland

Marco putting Max out to pasture (?)

Max and Sandro Vinnari


  1. Holy hell, yes! As we might have predicted, I'm with you 110% on Max Anderson. He's a fierce and relentless scrapper who looks amazing from every tortured, twisted angle he finds himself in.

  2. I'm proud to have Scandinavian blood running through my veins just like Max Anderson does.
    Now I can see why the Vikings were feared by all who were unfortunate to be on the receiving end of their wrath & village raids. I can feel the pain of the wrestling opponents whose heads end up jammed between two enormous, well developed thighs, then crushed into submission. I'd love my head to be wedged in between Max's boulderlike thighs & then have him say to me: "Oh, I'm just gonna lay here for a while, I can stay like this all day y'know! There's not much you can do from down there!" Maybe not Max but the sight of you, cementing your victory, from that perspective will be worth any amount of pain!

  3. Thanks for the comment. It reminds me of Beowulf's bravura in facing Grendel naked, without weapons or troops, to grapple him into oblivion in the halls of Heorot. Sure, like you, I can think of worse ways to die than in Anderson's pale, pine-scented, firm, and ultimately fatal embrace.


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