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Jason Hades is a new fixation of mine.  Sorry, you'll just have to deal with it for now.  He has the blond punk appeal of Stoney Hooker, with the added seasoning of three years or so and a bit more ring experience.  Like Stoney, he strides the division between babyface and heel with considerable bravura.  (By the way, I still seriously jones for Stoney, too; I'm fickle, but I tend not to toss away my fixations easily, preferring to let the pantheon grow and grow.)

I love Hades' definition, the smooth, well-sculpted (but not ripped) pecs and the slight outward curve of his belly, which makes me ache for long sweaty clinches and hugs.  His face is a bit blunter than Stoney's; he resembles Scott Caan in that respect.  I liked the goatish chin strip he sported at one time, but I think he's better looking clean shaven.  Even the underarm tattoo strikes the right balance between survivor and philosopher ("It Can't Rain All the Time") that I find touching and winsome.


  1. I’m leaning towards Hades in this fight, have a number of indy DVDs with matches featuring him, primarily from IWA Mid South. One match in particular shows his athleticism and adds a dimension that I find erotic, blood. Far as I know it is the only time Hades gets split open in a match, this one has him fighting Jason Quick at the Ted Petty Invitational from 2008. Match is held in a cage with “I Quit” rules.

    Both fighters showcase their ability while wearing form fitting gear. Won’t spoil the ending by revealing it, but they both sell the match convincingly.

    The pic you posted with Jason looking all flush with his hair perfectly messed and sporting a side torso tattoo is from liquor sweets in Wisconsin, which website did you get the pic from? Would like to see who he was fighting and what other matches were on the card.

  2. Someday soon I'll check out the Hades versus Quick match you describe. You have definitely piqued my interest, Topher. The two men fought on several occasions, so I appreciate the specific information you gave to help identify the specific match in question.

    Both pictures come from Jason's MySpace page, where neither is identified or attributed. I'm assuming the match was recent because the postings are new.

    I always appreciate more information on the fighters in my postings. Thank you!

  3. I'm just making a deduction here based on the available info, but Jason fought Dinn T. Moore in a NWA Insanity Halloween show at Liquor Sweets (Milwaukee) on October 16th. Also on the card were Chase McCoy v Troy Walters, Justin Dreed v Mickey McCoy, and Trevor Gibson v Blazin Benjamin.

  4. Hey, Topher, on your recommendation I ordered the Ted Petty Invitational dvd set you mentioned. It arrived from Smart Mark Video this afternoon. I tore right into it but the only thing I have so far watched is the Quick v Hades "I Quit" match.

    THANK YOU. It is fanfuckingtastic from beginning to end. And that ending is just sooo sweet.

    The two fighters have sealed their positions in my Top Ten favorites--Hades was already there, of course, and Quick has been in my peripherals for about a year, but Quick was as impressive in this fight as Hades.

    This one had everything--two hot young wrestlers, intense stakes, raging emotions, and one of the best story arcs I've seen in a match. Great addition to my collection, just on the basis of this one match. Thanks ...


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