Nasty Tampon Breath?

Florida independent wrestler Sedrick Strong, 6'2", 210#, faces David Mercury, 6'0", 225#, in a brutal main event match, intense and well photographed with a single camera, which manages even to heighten the fight's sweaty drama.

The action's the best part of the fight, and Strong, who has followed his "brother" Roderick in turning heel, has a terrific body for pro wrestling.

However, I wish shit talk and crowd heat could somehow maintain their fervor without stooping to boilerplate gay-bashing that bizarrely (at the end of the match) takes a turn towards middle-school misogyny too.

Frankly, the action speaks for itself in this relatively brief match, and all the yabbering adds nothing to it, except make everyone involved look a lot dumber and less confident in his masculinity than needed to sell the fight.

But despite my reservations over the call and response, I'd like to see more matches this fierce and well fought.

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  1. I hate that crap. The ferocity should speak for itself. Misogynistic and homophobic banter makes me think that there are some seriously insecure boys finding their way into pro-wrestling. The line between dominating humiliation and juvenile desperation really isn't all those close, is it?


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