What BGEast Type Are You?

Love it or hate it, BGEast is, along with Can-Am Wrestling, still the bright star of erotic wrestling entertainment.  Overpriced, past its heyday, and neither the best nor the worst for wrestling moves, BGEast has a roster for practically everyone's taste, in almost every size, weight class, attitude, gear (or none), ethnicity, and hair style.

No disrespect to anyone left off the list (there are plenty more of you guys I like a whole lot), but here are the ten BGEast contenders I especially jones for ... minus some real juicy hunks for whom I couldn't find pics of adequate size and clarity (You know who loves ya, Steve!) ...

Don't like my list?  I'll fight you over it.  You're on my list?  We're definitely brawling!

Nobody did quiet boy-next-door sadism like Bass Wallace.
He would grind his cock against you and make you groan like, under all your macho tough-guy posturing, the little bitch you really were.

I like em bad and beefy.  The name (Beau Nasty) did not hurt, either.

All-American good guy who still had a short fuse, Jonny Firestorm knew the moves and holds better than anyone else I ever had the pleasure of seeing over at BGE. 

BG East gave Eric Moreira one shot.  The man more than delivered; then he vanished.

Mikey Vee.  Oh yeah, uh um, Mikey Vee.  Make me suffer, bossman.

Joshua Goodman played the heel well, but I wish he had been a bad-assed babyface instead.

I mean no offense whatsover, but Kurt Eriksen was creepy ... in the right way.  He was like a pasty, cold-blooded henchmen in a James Bond movie ... or the Old World bloodsucker I most wanted to fight in a Transylvania wooden-stakes match.

British bad boy Mickey Rollins is my first pick for the for-real gay lucha version of Sherlock Holmes if Guy Ritchie's upcoming SH film reinvigorates that franchise.  I'll play Watson or Moriarty, or both.

Yep, it's the loincloth: Tarzan Tyler Reese.

JC Blackhawk was another one-timer, and he wasn't all-that in the ring, but he sure as hell worked for me.


  1. I can’t find fault with this list, 6 of your selections have caused me to make a mess all over myself, and as to the other 4, probably would have had the same effect, just haven’t had the opportunity to see them fight.

    But there is something that I can do to correct that fact, I’m off to BGEast to check out Eric Moreira, a couple of mouse clicks and 5 business days from today I hope to be 7 out of 10.

  2. OK, Topher, let me know what you think of Eric. I just placed an order on an old Bass Wallace vs Kurt Eriksen fight--only Wallace available on DVD, sad to say.

  3. Fantastic idea for a conversation! I'm behind you 100% with Bass, Beau, Mikey, Joshua, and Kurt, and Mickey for all the reasons you mention. I havent' seen JC, so he's not in my top 10. Johnny may one day break into my top 10, but not yet. I want to see him take some more joy in torturing some muscleheads. Eric is great, but I'm saving his spot for someone else in my top 10. I thought Tyler was sex on a stick when I saw his pics, but in action, I didn't quite buy him. The moment when his loin cloth unintentionally comes undone in Ringwars 10 cracks me up and disappoints at the same time. He totally loses his concentration and looks off camera with panic, clearly stymied and unable to improvise. He lost me.

    So my four replacements for Tyler, Eric, Johnny and JC are:
    Derek Da Silva, because I'd like to make him suffer and hear him cry out for more pain.
    Mitch Colby, because I'd like to have my head trapped face-crotch between his legs as he whips himself into a frenzy.
    Brad Rochelle, because I want to tie him up like a pretzel and then worship his captured body.
    And Rafe Sanchez, because he demands to be worshipped, and I'm helpless to do otherwise.

  4. Point taken on Tyler. The expression "deer in the headlights" could easily be changed to "Joe in view of a skimpy loincloth"--can't help it, I'm just dazed and transfixed. I should join Tarzans Anonymous.

    I see your points with Colby, DaSilva, and Sanchez, and agree, while not willing to give up Firestorm, Moreira, and Blackhawk to make room for them (even though I wish Blackhawk wrestled better).

    I liked Rochelle in his old face days; however, something just doesn't quite work for me with him as a heel--though he hits all the right marks (arrogance, mouthiness, muscle, wrestling ability)--I can't say just what it is that doesn't work for me here.

    Thanks, Bard, for giving me the slap I needed on Reese, though.

  5. Like your list, esp Eric Moreira (or Moriera, I've seen it spelled both ways) - hot dude. Kyle Matthews shows up more recently as part of the tag team Cash Vault and other monikers. He can be found in NWA Wildside, ringsidephotos.net (idle but still some great photos there), rampageprowrestling and Ring of Honor.

  6. Actually, Eric Moreira and Kyle Matthews are NOT the same individual.

  7. Thanks for the correction, Kid. I will correct the labels.

  8. Love Tarzan Tyler and Alexi Tyler. Troy Baker too.


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