What NRW Type Are You?

NRW is getting better and better, and the prices for their videos are reasonable:  $9.99 gets you a 15-minute match between the studs of your choice.

The fighters pull their punches, sure, but not quite as much as they used to.   And for whatever they lack in wrestling skills and showmanship, they make up for in muscle and beauty.  Plus the lighting is good and the camera pulls in tight for closeups of the sweat pouring, the muscles twitching, and the agony being sold.  There are times when I feel like I'm right there in the ring with these boys, and that can't be a bad thing!

Because NRW is newer than BG East and Can-Am, I don't quite have the passion for this enterprise as I do some of the others, but I am definitely developing strong feelings for it as it matures and ripens over the years.

I figure these lists I make tell more about me than I would ordinarily want to be known, sort of like Rorschach ink-blot tests.  So read my soul, if you can, in the following picks, and, as usual, challenge my choices all you like.  In this case, I'm likely to roll over and play dead, because, except for Flash in the Number One spot, there's nobody here I'd wrestle you over.  Frankly, I just don't know that much about NRW, but I'm willing to be educated.  What follows is the best I could pull together out of the matches I have seen so far.

Flash, 6'2", 185#, rocks my world.  I'd pay a month's rent just to get him against the ropes.  He is savage, and cocky, and lean, and hungry, and cruel ... and he had me at just "savage."  Nobody at NRW comes close to Flash, as far as I'm concerned, and hardly anyone in the whole cottage industry of erotic wrestling either.

Scott Monroe, 6'0", 180#, is one of the new bloods at NRW and sufficient proof that NRW is drawing the right kind of talent to prove it's close to the top of its game right now.  Monroe may lack the fury of Flash, but, damn, the guy looks great knocked out cold on the mat!

Jesse Hammer, 6'0", 180#, has got the lean, rawboned hungry look that I adore in a fighter.  From what I've seen of him, he's got ring smarts and a gift for giving wrestling fans the kind of drama, motion, and agony that we love.

Joe Wegner, 5'9", 160#, is blond and named Joe, and that's a good start.  He's also a master of the staged fight with a Hollywood stuntman's sense for a good fall.  It would be nice, though, if he won a few more fights, but, hey, blonds were made to be damaged, right?

Wade Brolin, 6'0, 180#, is another newby.  He looks like a classic muscle boy from the days of AMG Studios or an Abercrombie and Fitch model, but he fights fairly hard.  I will need to see more of the guy in action before I'm willing to make a firm commitment.

Logan, 5'11, 162#, has a certain something, a kind of guy-next-door quality, an authenticity that I find incredibly hot.  He reminds me a lot of this guy named Mike I knew in high school, who worked summers at the same youth camp I worked at.  In evenings, after the campers were snug in their beds, Mike and I skinny-dipped in the camp swimming pool and staged elaborate underwater wrestling matches.  Good times, good times!

Mr Destiny, 5'10, 160#, is everywhere.  Elsewhere known as Zack Vasquez, he delivers a lot of bounce and good-natured sass in a fight, but his moves look stagey and he's not convincing in his "selling" of individual bits of wrestling business.  Still, he looks fantastic, and that's 95% of NRW's appeal and a good 60% of what I ask for in a wrestler


One of the really cool things about NRW is that it maintains a "shit list" of past wrestlers who have been fired, deported, or last seen running off with the boss's boyfriend.  Maybe it's a wee bit petty, but I think it's cool to air your dirty laundry like this.  Curt Conroy, 5'10", 170#, is one of the bad boys, but even NRW has to admit that his 14 matches earned him a healthy following from the fans.

Viper, 5'7", 150#, has got the cool name and the hot little body.   I haven't seen him in any matches lately, but I like the way he wears those blue trunks.

Matt Meadlock, 5'11, 160#, is one of NRW's favorites.  He's a great fighter and almost every video he's in is automatically a classic.  He's the sort of fighter who brings out the best in his opponents, and so everybody looks good in a match against him.


Damn, I forgot ultra-hot Dan Kennedy, maybe because for some reason NRW doesn't list him in their current roster.  But he'd be pretty high up on my list, too.

Sorry, Dan, I'd have a lot more to say about you in these notes, and I'd love to worship every little round muscle on your body, but I gotta work tomorrow and I'm getting sleepy.


  1. No disputes about your top NRW choices from this corner, Joe. As you noted, their last few newbies are as hot as anything you could hope for, and they're in speedos! These young musclestuds could give a straight guy a hardon! And I don't care if they're not particularly skilled in wrestling moves. Hell, it's hotter than hell just knowing that these are mostly straight guys who know damn well that this is turning us guys on, and they're working hard for the money and the narcissistic thrill of it all.
    Flash is THE MAN, and if ever there was a "Default JO Money Shot" for me, when I need that perfect video to give me a last-minute cumshot boost, I just find a Flash match and commence final countdown to launch...
    Brad, Minnesota


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