Alexi Adamov

This is a story that has been told and retold thousands of times.

Once upon a time there was a 6'2", 183# Russian wrestler named Alexi Adamov, whose beautiful smooth physique caught my eye in a BG East catalog, and I bought a couple of DVDs, only to see this pulchritudinous demigod flounder meekly around the ring and time and time again get his ass owned by guys who actually had their moves down pat.

Soon my attention was drawn away from Adamov, towards another wrestler, Jonny Firestorm, a smaller guy who, however, had twenty times the fight in him.

Full of disappointment, I ignored later reports that Sexy Alexi had stopped jobbing and was showing some grit at last.  Never again would I be victimized by the hype!

Then, just this year, I ordered BG East's newly released Undagear 15 (copyrighted 2009, though the disclaimer states that the matches were shot three years ago), mainly to see Latin muscle stud Rio Garza and find out what all the hoopla is about, only to find myself (like years ago) fast-forwarding through the spectacle of Garza clambering about on a mat, looking delectable, sure, but as agile and focused as a triple-decker Jello mold.

Then, to my surprise, I found myself drawn to an earlier match on the same DVD:  Adamov versus Lou Terassi.  Now, I won't say that the pretty malchick has exactly become the savviest ring fighter I've ever seen, but, damn, he can put on a show now.  He's toughened up, earned some swagger rights, shit talks with the best of them, and puts some serious (OK, rather unconvincing at times, but HOT) dents in Terassi.

Alexi, milyi, all is forgiven come to papa!


  1. That story never gets old! Alexi is moving better, sweating buckets, and trash talking... a formula for success in my mind.

  2. Well, I for one think Alexi is utterly misused as a so-called competitive wrestler. And as far as Rio Garza goes, ditto. I've seen both of his matches released so far (the one mentioned above + one with Aryx Quinn on Bad Boys), and I think the shortcoming with both wasn't Rio's performance, but those of his opponents. Some of my favorite BGE matches have been total squash jobs (stunningly hot Troy Baker getting trashed by less buff but more gruff Shane McCall on Jobberpalooza 4), but the key always boils down to how engaged and focused the heel seems to be on destroying the muscleboy who dared step into the ring with him. Both Kid Karisma and Aryx Quinn worked their matches like they were utterly bored from the moment they saw Garza, as if they routinely wrestle fitness magazine cover models and were totally over it.

    So, if some decent opponents come along, I think Garza could easily be Brad Rochelle level popular at BGE.

  3. Point well taken, Josh. And the moral of my Adamov story is, if anything, to give second, third, and fourth chances to the tall, beautiful, and chiseled.

    It'll be nice to see Garza shape up as well as Adamov seems to be doing. Alexi's got the chops now, something I did not foresee, and it's gonna be a sight to see once Kid Leopard or whoever equips the two of them with mean streaks and worthy and appreciative adversaries.


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