Bass Wallace

Like that?  I always liked the way Bass Wallace, 5'9", 158# (BG East) quietly and stealthily took care of business.


  1. Brad, cadwrestl@yahoo.comDecember 12, 2009 at 3:25 PM

    What has always turned me on about Bass Wallace since the first time I saw ... and jerked off to ... him was that he looked like a regular guy that you'd know from work or school or the neighborhood, not some glitzy over-developed model, but a regular-guy who just happened to look drop-dead hot in his bulging speedos and who would take you apart in a pro ring or an apartment, one move after another, without breaking into a smile or a snarl, just doin' what he likes to do...
    You can have your overpaid, over-developed pro stars anytime, just gimme some good-looking all-american jocks in speedos and I will happily prepare the Saturn V engines for liftoff...

  2. You got that right, Brad. My whole fantasy about Bass was that he was some kind of cop or Texas Ranger, or at least I thought BG East ought at least once to have set up some kind of fantasy scenario for him where he started out in helmut and uniform but gradually stripped down to his champagne-colored briefs to wrassle. He looked like ordinary working-class good looking--and on the mats or in motel rooms he was this no-nonsense, low-key, can-do sadist who could turn you every which way, basically give you the drubbing you had coming to you, and make you thank him for it in the end. Anyway, that's how I saw him.


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