Das Wunderkind

Alex Wright, 6'3", 225#, b. 1975, Nuremberg, Germany, retired in 2003 after wrestling professionally since age 16.

I liked Wright better before he turned heel, while he was still fresh, agile, and fast.  As a heel, he was just garden-variety arrogance, prematurely balding, with an unconvincing sneer, a cruel streak in a nice package.

As a face, though, he was ahead of his time, great looking, bright eyed, overtly sexual, not an ounce of fat on him.  All he needed were lower hanging briefs and some good-natured cockiness and a taste for payback.

Here are episodes from his American career, in his golden years.

versus Arn Anderson, WCW Slamboree, 21 May 1995, via ProWrestlingMind

versus Billy Kidman, WCW, 4 May 1996, via 1000holds


  1. Brad, cadwrestl@yahoo.comDecember 17, 2009 at 5:35 PM

    I will never forget the first time I saw Alex Wright. It must have been early 1994, and I was watching the WCW program, awaiting another jobber stud later in the program that I was preparing to jack off to, and out comes this unbelievable dream of a jobber, magnificent pecs, sturdy arms and traps, thick legs, young, almost teen-idol face, and those trunks which, as you noted, should have been lower-cut and more speedo-like, but oh, my,my, the sausage that was visible inside them, pointing (as they always would in future matches) up and to his left. I dropped my shorts in record time, jerked off like there was no time to waste, and did what I only do rarely in such situations: moan with sweet ecstacy. Of all possible holds, what I remember serving as my "money shot" that first time was his basic headlock on his opponent. Nothing fancy, but wow, to see his biceps bulging as he squeezed the other wrestlers head tighter and tighter, and stepped up on tip-toes to secure maximum torque ... someday, Joe, you should do a study of all of the wrestling moves that have an orgiastic appearance or intensity or rhythm ... the figure-4 leglock tops my list, and my favorite cumshot motivation.
    Ah, enough writing for now ... back to the vids and the cumrag..
    Brad, Minnesota

  2. Amen about those too high-cut trunks.



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