Dylan Bostic

Hoosier cruiserweight Dylan Bostic, 18, 5'10", 190#, looks cornfed, full of goodness and light, and ready to give some lout a bruisin.

Here he is, versus Donny Idol, 1 August 2009, Hoosier Pro Wrestling, Columbus, Indiana, via Hoosier Pro Wrestling


  1. Brad, cadwrestl@yahoo.comDecember 9, 2009 at 12:00 AM

    Joe, I've been jerkin' off to Dylan's boy-next-door face, not-quite-ripped-but-headin'-there body, and my, oh, my, those bright bulging speedos. I got 10x more turned on by an all-American stud like Dylan wearing skimpy bulging trunks than by some slimy gigolo wearing a lot of bling along with his thong. To see a kid like this, dressed like this, makes me hard as steel, and if you wanna know what would really send me over the edge, it would be for Dylan to say something like, "Hey, guys get turned on by me? Really? That's kinda cool..."
    Brad, Minneapolis

  2. Hey you know a hot one, don't you. Dylan is seriously hot - thanks for recommending him.

    Perfect fantasy bout - Dylan Bostic v Terry Frazier, 6 x 5 minute rounds, 2 falls or 2 submissions. In my dreams.


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