Vuitton for Victory


  1. not that i am keeping count....but at 5 posts for Ashton he is quickly closing in on your other favorite, Stoney Hooker, (currently at 9 posts in case your tracking such things) I for one am rooting for Ashton.

    Looks like this might be a tag match as evidenced by the 3rd body in the ring, is this fight from one of the smart mark vids you purchased? any leed on where this match is from is appreciated.


  2. Topher

    I'm not too sure Ashton will be beating out ole Stoney, but we'll just have to wait and see.

    Using my powers of deduction, I think I can identify the match for you (and everybody else). The dude face down on the mat with our boy's heel on his ass is Dave Rydell. On November 7, 2009, Ashton beat both Rydell and "Waterboy" Matt Horning in a triple threat match in Joliet, Illinois, for Pro Wrestling Blitz. So my guess is we're looking at the aftermath of that fight. This event is not (yet) available on DVD as far as I can determine. Vuitton also showed up with a new manager, Joey Eastman, making his PWB debut that night.

    Anyone with further information (or corrections), please pipe up and post a comment.)

    Yr pal in gut punches and bloody noses,


  3. cadwrestl@yahoo.comDecember 9, 2009 at 12:06 AM

    Ashton and Stoney, hey, what a glut of jack-off choices! Am I the only one who thinks that, overall, the young indy pro musclestuds in speedos currently wrestling outnumber those that would have turned us on, say, 5 years ago? I remember when I was goin' back to Brett Barnes to satisfy my desires, and all the other young studs were decked out in spandex body suits or long hair and piercings, and I thought, damn, will we ever see more earnest, smalltown jocks in skimpy pro trunks, eager to fight for truth, justice, and the American gay, er, way?
    Ah, these are the good old days...

  4. It's a very good time for gay pro wrestling fans to be alive!


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