35 ... 34 ... (Review)

Krushco has a new name and a new hidden-camera video up (UW 42), but here I'm continuing with my promised reverse chronological review of the whole Underground Wrestling catalog, a project I started two weeks ago at Krush's suggestion.

Symmetry is what you often get when Krush and Lucien fight.  And we have it here in UW 35.  At one point both men control each other by locking down their opponent's foot, twisting and pulling at the ankle, while withstanding the pain concurrently shooting up their legs.

A little later, they roll over each other, one on top followed by the other, dragging each other along by the neck and head.   Perfect balance ... and while not choreographed, the men are almost perfectly poised against each other.

In one not so symmetrical moment, Krush has Lucien's head under his arm, shoving the top of it down to the mat, while Lucien's foot smashes down towards Krush's crotch.  Krush intercepts the assault by flipping Lucien over, but that simply provides another opportunity for symmetry, as the two men scissor each other's head.

Or almost.

Lucien eludes Krush's feet and pushes himself up on one elbow, grabbing his opponent's lower leg and locking it up, throwing in a punch to Krush's exposed midsection for good measure.

In a delicious reversal, though, Krush wears Lucien down with a few punches to the leg and a knee jab to the ribs.  Once he's loose, Krush scissors Lucien's waist, earning his moniker as he crushes out the slender wrestler, while taking a few rips at the punk's pretty long hair.

At this point Krush can't decide what he wants to do to torment his young nemesis next, first toying with the idea of working his arm, but settling on clamping his head in his armpit instead, tossing him over to his back, and straddling his midsection.

In a typical (for Krush) move, the big man uses his own midsection to pin his opponent down, slowly sliding up the torso, his crotch inching up to Lucien's chin and mouth.  The prospect of a face full of hot, sweaty crotch is the impetus for Lucien to power out and roll over, while remaining in the grip of Krush's powerful thighs.

What these matches sometimes lack in high drama and trash talk (although this fight has a good many taunts and insults), they make up for in the execution of classic wrestling holds, strung together in fluent succession.

Towards the end of this video, there's a wonderful stretch where the two wrestlers are locked together chest to chest, stomach to stomach, and crotch to crotch, once again in symmetry, squeezing the living hell out of each other, which then suddenly turns into a sleeper choke hold that brings the fight to an end.

UW 34 again pits Lucien and Krush against each other.  This match is one more reminder of the wrestlers' skills and stamina ... and their scientific attitude towards controlling and mastering each other's body ... almost like a chess match ... more evocative yet of the ancient Greek gymnasia, where wrestling trained citizens' bodies and minds alike, except that in the classical city-states the fighters were naked.  (Note:  gymnos is the Greek word for "naked" ... keep this in mind the next time you visit the gym!)

Krush and Lucien turn their bodies into Rubik's cubes, angling and twisting each other every which way but, as the saying goes, loose.

At one point Lucien's got Krush's face down between his thighs.  Krush's chin has got to be nestled on Lucien's balls in this position, his hot breath blasting away at the rubber matting.  Lucien clearly loves humiliating the big man like this, throwing his knuckles to his ribcage and yanking and stretching the straps of Krush's yellow singlet.

Even when he manages an escape, Krush is winded and brought right back down under the lighter wrestler's control.  Krush grabs at Lucien's hair, but Lucien frustrates every attempt at leverage.  It's rare to see such a sustained triumph on Lucien's part over Krush ... not to say that Lucien isn't a fine scrapper, he is, but seldom do we get to see him maintain the upper hand on Krush the way he does here ... or for as long as he does here.

It's by no means all one sided, but this is the match to see if you want to watch Lucien kicking Krush's ass again and again and again.


  1. thanks for the recommendation, I've been watching these videos since your first review, they're incredibly unique and hot


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