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So you think you’re up for a match against Krush?  Here’s some essential viewing for you, then, pitting the crowd favorite against Bo and Lucien.

These are steps five and six in my backward trek through the underground files of Greccogear.

In 37, Bo in gold starts off strong against Krush in black.  Krush is atypically passive in the first half of this bout, missing (almost deliberately, it looks like) plenty of opportunities to get the goods on Bo, whose game plan is to go after anything that sticks out—head, arms, legs—and twist and pull.

The strategy works, I guess, with Bo finally getting a leglock on Krush, jamming his heels to the back of the man’s skull, and smashing his face to the mat, while stretching shoulders away from hips.

After this, the guys offer more back-and-forth excitement, as Krush warms up to the fight.  Still, this battle gives us Krush as lackadaisical as I’ve ever seen him.  Neither fighter ever breaks a sweat in this video, a disappointment to be sure, with such evenly matched combatants.  It's billed as a "grudge match"; I just don't see it in this one, I guess.

Expect plenty of the series’ trademark moves, nevertheless:  scissors, short-distance wrist-punching (though Krush surprises with a couple of right-handed roundhouses late in the action), front and rear chokes, grapevine holds, and chicken wings.

Bo gives as good as he takes, even stealing a page from Krush’s playbook by stretching him out, with Krush bearing Bo’s full weight on top, and driving his hips down like a piston.  We’ve seen Krush break plenty of guys with this kind of aggressive and semi-raunchy body blow, and it’s nice to see a guy of matching size give him what-for back.

As the match wears on, Krush warms up, loosens up, or something, and wrestles a bit more aggressively for some submissions of his own, as Bo, overly confident or just plain tired out from his previous successes, begins to basically wait for what Krush dishes out next.

Krush’s most thrilling matches for me (and, I suspect, for him) are those against Lucien, a match-up that comprises about half of all the matches in this series.  These are the fights the fans seem to like best, and they’ve got plenty to choose from. 

Lucien, in star-spangled shorts, starts off 36, by keeping Krush, in red singlet, knotted up and buried.

Once Krush has had enough of Lucien’s armpits, though, he tosses the punk off and gives him a taste of his own medicine.  He goes for the smaller fighter’s neck and head, wearing him down by making him carry Krush’s weight on top of his own.

Now this, this is more like it.

Lucien’s rangy body keeps moving, even when he’s being dominated and controlled.  A lot of Krush’s opponents simply collapse when the big guy bears down on them, but you can see Lucien angling continuously to block and escape, even throughout the long, long stretches when resistance looks futile.

Perseverance pays.  Lucien not only puts on a heroic show but also reverses, straddling Krush’s waist and pushing his wrists to the mat.  Krush bucks, but this only encourages Lucien to choke.  Krush is having none of it, however.  Something about Lucien’s spunk brings up the fire in Krush, and he rolls the kid over and just about knocks his lights out for real.

Pinning is easy … even a knockout ... compared to a submission with Krush and Lucien.  These two together are reluctant to give anything up.  They like the give and take of the fight too much.  They like the feel of each other’s power too much.  They like the anticipation of just what the other guy will throw at them next.

Eagle Scouts can’t tie as many knots as these two bruisers manage to twist themselves into.

When, just short of halfway through, Lucien manages to choke Krush out, the lean victor kneels over the exhausted giant he just made submit to him.  Every muscle on him is as tight as a fist, and Lucien’s abs have never looked more cut.  It’s a classic moment—David hunkering over his outstripped Goliath.

In the follow-up, Krush makes sure Lucien’s victory does not go to his head.  A foreign object—a black strap—gets thrown into the match.  The two guys wrestle for control of it.  At one point the strap is simultaneously wrapped round both fighters’ throats, and the two struggle to find out who can squeeze with the greater savagery without relenting.

I won’t give away the ending of this scrap, but the belt plays a key role. 

In the final round, the fighters change gear, Lucien into red shorts and Krush into a gold singlet.  This whole fight centers on another prop, a white or pale tan sash that the guys use on each other from beginning to end. 

Legs and arms are not wasted in this battle either, and, without saying who, the loser takes his punishment to the climax and beyond, tapping out just seconds before he would have surely blacked out.


  1. Pass the Buck ChuckJanuary 12, 2010 at 9:13 AM

    Take my word for it these are among the hottest videos out there, I've been a subscriber to Greccogear for over a year

  2. God dang I get boned up looking at that bald guy


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