Chad Fortune

Between playing tight end for the NFL and driving monster trucks professionally, Chad Fortune, b. 1967, 6'5" (or maybe only 6'4"), 240#, wrestled for the WCW.  Shortly before his two-year stint with WCW,  Fortune, known as "Travis," was one half of the tag team Tekno Team 2000 (back when everything Y2Kish was oh-so-futuristic and daunting, little did we all know).

I can't say he's exactly my type now, but he still makes an impression.  Way back when, almost anyone over six feet tall who could sustain some semblance of muscle tone, especially if, like Fortune, he had prominent cheekbones, a sharp nose, and no-nonsense thin lips, would make my knees melt. 

versus Johnny Boone, 24 August 1997, WCW (via ProWrestlingMind)


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