Damian Slater


Australian Damian Slater, b. 1987, 6'0", 215#, wrestles with NWA Pro.  The 22-year-old fighter debuted as a pro wrestler in 2003.  The beefy young wrestler plays both face and heel.  In some shots, he looks like a softer version of BG East's Alexi Adamov, in others like a hormonally enhanced Prince William.

versus Slex (via slexaddicts)


  1. As always, Joe, your literary talents, combined with your dead-on sense for what constitutes true heat among today's young indy pro wrestlers, leads to a real insight about Damian Slater. That is, he is obviously a fine-looking young wrestler but, depending on his particular haircut, hair color, choice of gear, indoor-vs-outdoor lighting, fully jakked physique-vs-too many nights indulging in Australian pilsners, etc., his turn-on quotient varies from "meh" to "Holy Wallabees, lemme find a towel so I can take a closer look at that hot body and get my engines revved up!"


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