Big thanks to Comptroller for sending me these two pictures of Greg King Jr.

Limp Prince Valiant haircut or no, the 23-year-old slim boy-next-door Tennessee fighter has a beautiful body and demonstrated lots of moxie and pop in the wrestling ring.

In a match for West Memphis promotion New Experience Wrestling last May he suffered five broken bones in the face, after being kicked in the head by Eric Wayne (this link is to a different, earlier King-v-Wayne match with Elite Wrestling Entertainment), whom some have accused of unprofessional carelessness in the ring on this and other occasions.  (Wayne is the son of NEW founder, Ken Wayne.)  This was just a year after "Rookie of the Year" King got banged up badly in a car crash, and to add insult to injury the 2009 debacle occurred in front of a small crowd of just twenty or so wrestling fans.

The injury put King out of commission in wrestling.  So far I haven't found anything to indicate whether the hot but unlucky fighter has returned or is planning to return to the ring.


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