Guts and Glory

(c) Christine Coons

Regular visitors to this blog know I basically follow my own kinks here.  Several of you have told me in no uncertain terms that we part ways from time to time, and that is perfectly A-OK with me.  It would be a boring, boring world if we all liked the same things 100% of the time.  Still, I am always pleased and surprised when I find that my tastes in men, wrestling, and, top of the heap, wrestling men unexpectedly correlate to yours.

That said, I'm going to talk about stomachs here.  A tight six-pack draws my eye as it does almost anyone else's, and it would have been a dark and dreary world indeed that never saw the likes of Rusty Joiner or Brad Pitt or Ravishing Rick Rude in it.  I'll go further:   I love to see a knotted-up six-pack take a beating.

But I think the fashion and fitness media have carried a good thing too far on this one.  I want to say a word or two in praise of the all-American, USDA-inspected, thick 'n' juicy belly.  I'm not talking about spare tires here, not saggy, squishy flab, not even the bloated rice-and-saki-nourished guts of sumo fighters, though these too have a certain spellbinding quality for me.

I'm talking about the firm, thick, convex, yet well formed stomach.
It doesn't need to be steroidally thick.    I don't like wrestlers who look like pumped-up car salesmen.   As I've said before, the dirigible-shaped Mongos of WWE do nothing for me.   I'd rather see two 90-pound weaklings go at it in a cage, or two Macy's Santas slugging it out in the back alley.

What I like is a belly that has presence and can take a punch.  I like some bounce when my men hit the mat.  The stomach I'm talking about usually comes with power shoulders, thick forearms, a bubble butt, and thighs that could crush a pony.  For instance, Jason Hades' squat torso is a selling point for me, surprisingly since I used to favor the swimmer's build, long and sleek, with long powerful legs (still like all these things a lot, too).

Here are more pictures to illustrate what I'm talking about.  The men are Mike Bennett and Matt Taven, also pictured up top, in one of several exciting fights between these two.


And here's some action to show you the sort of thump SlimFast and jazzercise won't get you, in the person of beefy Rob Eckos, versus Frankie Arion (via djg4evr), which my pal David shot my way this morning.  These guys put the motion in the ocean.  Note particularly the half-minute abdominal stretch (6:01-6:35):  Eckos' heaving belly, in and out, comes close to being sex to me.

David says he needed this vid to get him through the back-breaking chore of shoveling a half-foot of snow off his 50-foot driveway this morning:
"Now comes Eckos time.  His edgy goofiness is a turn-on for me, a sweet bonus along with the body he shows so well.  This is my breakfast."
 And you can't go wrong with steak like that for breakfast!


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