Jason Hades Answers Five Important Questions

Joe:  Describe briefly your dream match, involving two or more wrestlers (including yourself, if you like).

Jason:  My dream match would include either Me getting a chance to work KENTA in front of 90,000 appreciative fans in Japan or Me against Jericho in the work rate match at a Wrestlemania.

Joe:  What living celebrity needs his (or her) ass kicked?  And who should kick it?

Jason:  There are so many celebrities that still look good, surprisingly, based on how long they have had their heads shoved up their own asses.  If I had to narrow it down, I would love to see Spencer and Heidi take on a group of alligators or a pack of piranhas.  They would have to be soaked in blood first, to really entice the predators.

Joe:  If you could fight any person from history or any fictional character, who would it be?  And (briefly) why?

Jason:  I would want to fight Alexander the Great one on one.  He was allegedly the greatest conqueror/ruler of all time.  I would enjoy (a great deal) a chance to match strength and wits with someone that had his background.

Joe:  What, in your opinion, is the coolest wrestling move known to man?

Jason:  The greatest wrestling move ever invented is undoubtedly the Killswitch ... haha.  Just kidding.  To pick one is difficult, but I have always been a fan of the Pedigree because of how brutal it can be and how many applications it has.

Joe:  What trait do you most admire in a wrestler?

Jason:  I admire professionalism the most out of anything because of how rare it is today.  Too many guys are shrouded with ridiculous egos.  A guy who puts a company or a product above himself is very admirable.


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