Kid Leopard

BG East's Kid Leopard does here what he does best--he shows the rookie how it's done ... and, even without sound, the savagery and skill of the attack are breathtaking.  This is what I'm always talking about, guys.  This is wrestling raised to the level of retribution.  Rocky Rojo (rhyming with "uh-oh") clearly decided to take a swing at the wrong guy on this particular day.  Wow.  Yum.  Yippee.


  1. Kid Leopard and Bill George (BG)literally invented erotic male wrestling on video. I have enjoyed 1000's of hours a viewing pleasure thanks to them.

  2. Damn right, Allessio. BG and BGE have given us all the eroticism while hardly ever sacrificing the beauty of the sport of wrestling or the drama of masculine domination and control. It's a hard balance to maintain, as clearly seen in the videos that manage one without the other two or, worse, get all three of them wrong.


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