Krush Agonistes (Reviews of UW 33, 32, and 31)

Krushco was in the throes of renovation this afternoon, making it hard for me to ... make it hard for me, if you catch my drift.

I typed out a cry for help to the boss man himself, and he fixed me right up in a matter of minutes.  Talk about customer service!  Now, if only I could get these guys to deliver to my door, down here in North Carolina ...

As part of my Sunday meditation this afternoon, I watched three matches (33, 32, 31) that showcase Krush's ability to dominate and, well, crush lesser men on the mat ... three separate men in three separate matches.

In video 33, Krush, in a sleek green singlet, battles Bo in a yellow singlet.  The match starts off civilly enough.  Pretty much the men engage in straight-edge freestyle wrestling at first.

Fighting strictly by the rules, Krush dominates Bo.  But after several minutes of fair play, the punching starts, and the men start aiming to squeeze an unequivocal submission out of each other.  At this point, it looks like the tide may turn, and things get ugly.

Tossing the Olympic rulebook to one side, Bo uses his weight to his advantage, getting on top of Krush and bearing down.  Still, it's Krush who masters the holds, and reliance on mass and a strong heart alone gets Bo only so far.

At one point in the fight, Krush works his way on top of Bo, holding the man's head in place, straddling his hips.  Bo attempts to latch his legs onto one of Krush's, but Krush eludes him.  Frustrated and a little humiliated, Bo resorts to closed-fisted punching.  Krush takes as many of these blows as he cares to before he arches up his midsection and slams himself down hard on Bo.  In that moment, you can almost hear the wind getting knocked out of Bo's lungs, and for a second there it looks like maybe Bo is out cold.  But then Bo draws up reserves from somewhere, and the battle resumes.

UW 33 is the vid to watch if you want to see Krush at his most masterful.  Even on those occasions when Bo manages to get a firm hold on him, Krush somehow peels him off like banana skin.

Not that Bo doesn't have a few tricks up his sleeve, which he begins to pull out for the second half of this video.

In UW 32 Krush, in a bright red singlet, faces Leto, a lithe, dark-haired wrestler in very sexy gold-metallic fight shorts.  Like 33, 32 starts out as a fair-and-square wrestling match, no different from what you were taught in gym class in high school.  But like Bo, Leto can't just quietly accept that Krush is the better man, and he starts punching.

The bad news for Leto is, of course, that Krush punches right back.  Krush brackets Leto's waist between his powerful thighs and aims his knuckles at the wrestler's hairy chest, thumping dead center on his breast bone, as if aiming to stop his heart.  Leto punches back, maybe one punch to every two of Krush's punches, but Krush wears him down before pressing down with his full weight and choking.

Leto's body thrashes and flutters, like a moth in a spider's pincers, and amazingly the handsome young fighter manages to roll up on top of Krush and deliver a little payback to the big man's chest.   If Leto wanted to get a rise out of Krush, he certainly succeeds, no doubt to his dismay, as retribution comes with a quick, awesome, and rather brutal ferocity.

Let me just say this: this Leto is one fine-looking piece of manhood.  The black hair on his chest tapers to a treasure trail that stretches way down, disappearing at the horizon of his golden waistband.  You can't stop yourself from wondering about where it stops after that.

In one of the best moments in this match, Krush chokes Leto's neck and stretches out this macho torso for the camera--and we viewers get to take in the firm and sinewy perfection of it while the victim's face turns an alarmingly ripe plum color.  You can almost see the heart thumping in his chest.  (Had I been there, it would have taken every ounce of control in me to resist swooping in to nab this tasty morsel as my own.)

"Scrappy little fucker aren't ya?" Krush intones at one point, clearly impressed by the fact that, though worn down, and having taken the worst Krush can deliver, this stud will not quit.  For our viewing pleasure, with less certain benefits to himself, Leto is the kind of fighter who will wear himself to the nub before he even considers the possibility of stopping the fight.   And after a skin-of-our-teeth narrow escape from Krush's python clutches, gasping for air and lucky to be still alive, Leto has the balls to (without even taking a beat) throw a right punch to Krush's chest!

Talk about "scrap."  Later Krush slams Leto down to the mat, drives his full weight down on top of him,  and chokes him.  What does Leto do when finally he gets a little bit of air back in his lungs?  He smarts off, sneering at Krush:  "You don't have it ... you don't have it."  Talk like that makes Krush pull out his strap and let him "have it."

This is as close as I've ever seen Krush come to actually killing a guy, and the dude keeps springing back for more.  Krush owns every inch of Leto, but just don't hold your breath for the words "I give up."

UW 31 shows us Lucien (again) trying to hold his own against Krush.

For this match, Lucien's cut his hair, apparently to keep Krush from using it to drag him around the mat by, as he has done so many other times.  The ploy doesn't work, though, because the stylist has left just enough to fit into Krush's fist, and Lucien is forced into a quick and relatively easy submission early on.

Lucien doesn't fare much better in round two.  Krush rides him like a mechanical Wal-Mart pony for a good four-fifths of a short match, before finally trapping him in a choke.  Lucien manfully tries to withstand the pressure and hold out, but in a matter of just seconds he taps.

Lucien catches a break in round three, winding his lithe body over and around Krush's muscly bulk.  At one point he has the audacity to tell Krush to submit to him!  But Krush replies as if Lucien's just asked him whether he'd like lemon in his tea and, in mere seconds, turns the tables back.  Lucien's pluck pays off, though.  Like Leto, he's a fighter who won't give in easy.  And he doesn't lose hope after any number of pins and submissions.  He keeps coming back and gives the next round 100 percent.

Krush dominates him through most of this video, but at certain key moments, Lucien spots a hole in Krush's defense and deftly zeros in and squeezes a submission from the big guy ... a feat few of Krush's challengers can boast of.


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