Krush Wants You to Submit

It's the end of the old decade, and Greccogear is about to become something new:


The bossman Krush is also pulling together a new wrestling league.  He's got four tough-as-nails fighters already lined up for the roster, and plans for three divisions for promission matches (old-school catch wrestling), extreme submission matches (similar to the underground fights currently downloadable on Greccogear), and fantasy superhero matches.

And knowing the top-notch minds that visit here at RINGSIDE AT SKULL ISLAND, Krush himself is asking YOU for YOUR help.

Here's what he needs:

A catchy name and catchy initials to go with it.  He wants something that will set the new league out from the rest of the pack.  He wants a set of initials that will make us stop in our tracks and take notice.

He wants, in short, my brothers, three letters that make us cum in our pants every single time we see them.

You get the idea.  Something like WWE and ROH, only butch ...

The submitter of the winning name (and you guys know you want to submit!) will receive any two of Krush's matches on DVD, plus the bragging rights to having named what promises to be one of the most exciting developments in the rapidly expanding world of erotic combat.

Send your suggestions directly to Greccogear.  Tell Krush you received the call here at Ringside ...


  1. Brad (cadwrestl@yahoo.comJanuary 14, 2010 at 1:19 PM

    I propose that Krush name the new league "COC Wrestling": "Champion on Champion Wrestling."

    A bit subtle, I suppose, but...

    Brad / cadwrestl

  2. we know whats on your this where you submit teh names and when is the final date for submission? Comptroller

  3. Use the link at the end of the post to submit your ideas. I'm not sure whether there's any deadline other than whenever Krush gets around to making a final decision. I'd recommend getting your entries in asap.


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