Naked Kombat introduces something new to the world of homoerotic fighting.  And it's not nude wrestling, which, oddly enough, is as old as combat sport itself (ask the Greeks) and is one of the earliest means of depicting gay eroticism in the modern age (ask AMG).

What is new here is style.  Observe the camera movement in this promo for one of Naked Kombat's matches.  The swirling motion builds excitement and serves the practical function of giving us a nice 180-degree look at each fighter's physique.  Notice the stylized way it introduces the wrestlers, or rather lets them introduce themselves, as well as providing stats and rudimentary background.  And pay attention to the mise-en-scene, i.e. the placement of things in the frame of the shot:  the use of foreground and background and the cutting off of the face of the fighter standing in front, all of it as artily composed as a music video.

The folks at may really have something new here ... or at least a way of packaging the old stuff I crave in a way that looks fresh and fun.  This clip exhibits an element of polish and dash to what has thus far been a basic meat-and-potatoes enterprise (sometimes great meat and potatoes, but offering little panache beyond what the athletes themselves had to show for themselves).


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