Randall Johnson


Not too pretty ... but sexy?  Yeah, I'd say so.

And this, my friends, is proof that you don't have to look GQ to be a Costco jar of fuxy in a fight.

West Virginia-born Randall Johnson, 24, 6'2", fights or used to fight with Great Championship Wrestling in Georgia.  I wouldn't complain if somebody found me a match pitting RJ up against GCW's Tex Monroe or current champ Kyle Matthews.  No, I wouldn't complain at all.

Too bad this video of Johnson fighting Matt Sells is a music video.  I hate those things.  The guitar drowns out the grunts, groans, and trash talk.  Still, you can turn off the sound and still get some sense of the true grit Johnson can show in the ring.  (via RanJo85)


  1. Wow, Joe, this stud looks different in each of his pix! Some of them turn me on more than others, no surprise there, and yeah, like you said, his young ferocity more than compensates for less-than-classic-aesthetics...


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