Tex Monroe

Nice iliac furrow, Tex!

Twenty-two year old Tex Monroe, 205#, wrestles with Great Championship Wrestling in Georgia.  With partner Chip Day, Monroe is one half of the tag team Ride or Die.

with Day versus Bobby Moore and Kyle Matthews (The Winners Club), 6 August 2009 (all videos via thisisGCW) ...

in a late 2008 triple threat match versus Slaughter and Joey Lightning ...


  1. Brad cadwrestl@yahoo.comJanuary 2, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    Great find, thanks, Joe. And that stud in red trunks who jumps into the ring after the match is over, with matching red folding chair in hand, wow, he's another hottie. It sounds like they're calling him Ricky Valentine. Whatever his name, he's a nice bonus feature at the end. He looks like a bulked-up Johnny Firestorm, and that's not a bad thing at all...

  2. A new blog visitor, Comptroller, put me on to Tex's scent ... so thanks, Comptroller. Next, to see what we can find out about this Valentine kid, eh?

  3. Gee Thanks for the credit Joe, but you had found him first. I just don't know how you found that photo. It looks like in his earlier days when he was in training school..those WW4A matches. He was hot then with shorter hair. I still find his drawl so sexy in the promo videop he has. I also noted to me it looks like he prompted the MC in the Kyle Mathews match about his weight. I could be wrong but therer is no way he can be 205, unless he is much taller than he looks. And thank you for making me look at Kyle Matthews. I tend to overlook the assets of the heels but in trunks he is a shower. I hope you can find him and Tex 1 on 1. I think Brad, yourself and I have the same taste pretty much. Glasd to know I am not alone. Comptroller

  4. Brad from Minneapolis cadwrestl@yahoo.comJanuary 2, 2010 at 9:15 PM

    Psst, remember this name: Tyler Tirva. Pass it on...

  5. lol..i already mentioned him to joe. lol... there is a match that there is only 20 seconds of where he got thrashed by tyson dux..couldnt find the rest of it. i agree he is hot..comptroller


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