Tommy Mercer

Six-foot-six Tommy "No Mercy" Mercer looks like "WWE material," not necessarily a compliment in these pages.  I like muscle, but I'm not particularly into bodybuilders.  And I'm certainly not into the character- and branding-driven ethos of WWE.  Still, there's something erotically compelling and wonderfully mythic about Mercer, and he seems determined to market himself in a big way, with his own web site to encourage a fan club ("Mercer Maniacs") and eventually product sales, an eagerness to capitalize that is almost certain to catch the attention of a major franchise.

The 24-year-old wrestler, who fights with independent organizations in Tennessee and Kentucky (and lately spreading up to the Northeast), has developed an imposing physique without growing a roid gut or losing a sense of proportion and scale.  Overall, he's got a coolly alien look that's both super-heroic and a little spooky.  For me, his eyes, lips, pecs, navel, biceps, thighs, ass, and package are especially eye-catching.

versus Matt Burns, in his USWO debut in Nashville, 31 July 2009, via Nmbr1MercerFan


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