Where's Your Pretty Boy Now?

Danny Duggan, b. 1987, 5'11", 191#,  versus Ruffy Silverstein, b. 1972, 5'10", 228#, Great Canadian Wrestling, 13 October 2006, Oshawa, Ontario

You gotta figure the bad blood runs deep in the eternal battle of blond versus bald.  I speak from some experience, having once been blond and now being so bald that my only coiffure option is the buzzcut (at least I save money on styling product).  The mythic struggle is beauty versus the beast, and virile and dewy youth versus crafty and cynical experience.  Youth is drawn to experience to prove himself the man that he hopes to be.  It's usually as simple as that.  Experience is drawn to youth for more complicated reasons:  perhaps to reclaim his youthful glow and vigor, or at least their illusion, perhaps to crush that which he can no longer be, perhaps to shape, buff, and refine new talent,  perhaps (in the spirit of Thomas Mann) merely to immolate himself on the altar of youth and beauty and love.  But I am "waxing poetic," when maybe I should just be soaking in this great fight.

Thanks to Comptroller for recommending this match, via GCWEca.


  1. thanks for posting it. i just think that danny duggan aka caleb brand looks so innocent in there..probably because he must have been 19 there..thought brad in minneapolis might enjoy..and hopefully others too. comptroller

  2. Brad cadwrestl@yahoo.comJanuary 2, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    Hey, thanks, Comptroller, for thinking about me. Damn, are my tastes in hot young blonde indy pro musclestud wrestlers that obvious... Aw, shuck, "De gustibus" and all that.

    Seriously, thanks, Comptroller, and thanks, Joe, for your never-ending search for the next hot turn-on in indy pro wrestling. Ten years ago I never imagined that the harvest of young athletic indy studs would cum to be such a bountiful one...
    Brad in Minneapolis

  3. Danny Duggan also has a number of matches with BG East where he wrestles as Caleb Brand often wearing tight shiny shorts

  4. Brad from Minnesota cadwrestl@yahoo.comJanuary 3, 2010 at 7:58 PM

    Ok, now for a touch of low-tech humiliation: Bogart, how do I sign up for your blog? (I couldn't find any mechanism to put in a request to you.)

    Hey, any guy who knows about Danny Duggan's BGEast alter-ego Caleb Brand (and his mighty fine trunks) is somebody I wanna know...

    Brad, cadwrestl@yahoo.com


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