Axel Dieter Jr


Axel Dieter Jr, 19, 6'2", 191#, is the eldest son of the most successful German wrestler after World War Two (Dieter Senior wrestled from 1955 to 1987, when he retired at age 54 and later started a family--I like the man's priorities, and I think Dieter Jr testifies to the quality of the man's sperm, even in late middle age).  AD Jr wrestles with a number of German leagues and appeared in a pre-show for TNA.

Here he is in Hamburg, 4 October 2008, wrestling Aguila Artois, aka Irish wrestler Jordan Devlin, 19, 5'10", 165# (via CWNGermany, thanks to Comptroller for the link).

Both fighters were 18 at the time of the fight.  And it's a great match, two great looking, agile, and well-trained catch wrestlers, giving 100%.  Just the way I like it.


  1. Good match, though Axel could have done with more of the elbow work Artois used.

    Axel has bulked up beautifully since then, hasn't he?


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