On the first of next month, Green Candy Press is releasing Outcast, its second volume of David Hurles' color photography for Old Reliable, Hurles' 40-year project of capturing the raw side of kink-combat, featuring tattooed drifters and other rough trade as they box, wrestle, and stroke for the camera.

A previous volume, Speeding, came out five years ago, featuring Hurles' black-and-white work.

Hurles' photographs, like his short films, are edgy, blunt, and starkly aggressive.  Hardly a pretty boy or twink to be found, none in the conventional sense of the words, the new photographs promise lots of bold and unvarnished energy, which sometimes boiled over into real hostility, shot in lurid color (I vividly recall one fight, decades ago, in which one guy pushed the other a bit too far in a wrestling match and got his ass royally thrashed, well before there was anything like the UWF, spinning me into reveries of guilty delight).


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