George Kidd (1925-1998), 5'6", 133#, making somebody (?) awfully uncomfortable.  (Stolen from The Wrestling Furnace Picture Gallery)



See the visitor comments below about the labeling of the picture above.  Meanwhile, check out these pics of the late great lightweight champ Kidd (from the same source as above):


  1. George Kid was a great wrestler well worthy of this site's attention, but I think the picture shows Jim Breaks (famous for his arm submission finisher) and Bobby Ryan

  2. Check out his opponent's trunks. Pretty groovy for its time.

  3. Thank you for the correction, anonymous commenter. Jim Breaks, almost definitely yes--and I would defer to your hunch about Ryan too. The photo is grouped under the heading of "George Kidd" on Wrestling Furnace, but as a part of an article on UK wrestling in general.

    @Bruno: Perhaps my incorrect attribution is due to my being dazzled by skintight trunks? I always am.


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