Pre-Fight Kiss?


This Thursday, Spike TV may (or may not) be airing a controversial episode of TNA Impact, taped yesterday, in which wrestler Orlando Jordan walks to the ring with a man on one arm and a woman on the other.  Just before locking horns with his opponent Samoa Joe, Jordan kisses both the man and the woman.

Jason Powell, over at ProWrestling.Net, reports,
This didn't go over well with everyone backstage in TNA, as there are some within the company who felt they, well, crossed the line.  It will be interesting to see whether TNA follows through by airing this on television or if those opposed to it will talk company officials out of it.  One TNA worker offered the opinion that the angle will turn off viewers of Spike TV, which is geared specifically to men.
It's also worth noting that while I was a guest on the PWTorch Livecast on Monday, host Wade Keller mentioned that it was possible one of the reasons TNA went with the 8:00 p.m. CT start time for TNA Impact is because they would have more freedom to run adult-themed storylines.  I'm not sure if the two stories are connected, but it's logical for TNA to target fans who are dismayed with WWE's PG programming.
This could be HUGE, guys.


  1. I know of a couple of openly gay pros (Chris Kanyon, Simon __?__). And for decades cardboard gay characters have been played for laughs. And there is the sexually-charged, around-forever borderline teasing and taunting: nipple twists and crotch grabs. But this is the first time I've heard of a ringside storyline which integrates fully someone's sexual orientation on par with the thousands before. Bravo.


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