Sneak Peak

As I write this, the complete videos are not available for download, but UCW-Wrestling is leaking clips of upcoming matches on YouTube--and the urgent news of the moment is that Klown has reconciled himself to skimpy gear.


Klown, who always possessed a calm and tentative sort of studliness, seems easily twice the man now in his new electric-lime-green briefs, clinging to every curve and bulge of his midsection.  Clothes do make the man, and gear does make the wrestler.  If these clips are any indication, brighter, scantier togs bring up (and out) the man that's always lurked behind Klown's quiet, boyish exterior.

If Speedo comes, can thongs be far behind?

And if Klown ever realizes his inner Tarzan, watch out Axel!  watch out Joker!  watch out UCW!


  1. I'm really looking forward to release of this video and hopefully Klown even more enticintly attired in a thong. And James, too. What a furry hottie he is and what a promising candidate for for skimpy and revealing ring-wear. Hairy is good.


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