Stretch Armstrong in 2012

Universal Studios and Hasbro announced yesterday that Taylor Lautner will appear as toy-to-film hero Stretch Armstrong, in a 3-D movie to be released in 2012.  No word as yet whether Stretch Armstrong the film will be wrestling themed (I hope I hope I hope) or whether Lautner will go blond for the role ... or whether Stretch's evil skull-faced brother and archenemy Wretch will figure into the plot.

This project sounds a wee bit disastrous to me, but in a fabulously fun way, so I'm curious ... and if I hear that Stretch and Wretch throw down in the squared circle I will definitely be in the center seat of row 12 at the very first show of the movie's opening day with my 3-D glasses on and a warm bag of popcorn between my thighs.



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