Chris Masters

Though WWE is not my particular thing--the matches are too short, wholesome to the point of being antiseptic, and deficient in skin-on-skin strokes, and though the wrestlers are often 15-20% too big for my tastes, with stage-managed personalities that way outstretch the excitement of their ring performances--some of the wrestlers do unarguably strike my fancy.  For instance, Chris Masters, 27, 6'4", 265#, can put me in the "masterlock" anytime.  (And for that matter, Carlito, 31, 5'10", 220#, can glower in my bedroom whenever he's in town.)

Versus Carlito, WWE Raw, 21 December 2009 (via xxxxAntaresxxxx)


  1. Yum, now Chris Masters is a REAL man. My ultimate fantasy is to have this man take me from behind in the Masterlock. That's when I know I'll be in heaven


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