Jaxon Dane

Local hero (Raleigh, NC) Jaxon Dane, 29, 6'2", 240#, wrestles as an independent with CWF Mid-Atlantic, a fed based here in the Carolinas.  He's also been called in as extra talent when the WWE has shows in the Southeast.


  1. Wow! Seriously... wow!

    Did I mention: wow!?

  2. So that's his name! I've seen pictures of this guy on the net but he wasn't identified in any of them. Thanks!

  3. I did a little research on the net (can you tell I'm a little obsessed with this guy?) and found out he's married with two kids. His real name is Dave Faby, his wife Nicole has a blog (fabyfamily.blogspot.com) and here's what she has to say about her hunky husband's wrestling career:
    "Lots of people ask me how I feel about it, the time it takes, the what if he actually makes it, and what does this mean for our future?? Truth is I don't know. It makes me proud, it makes me laugh, and it frustrates me too! I guess you would say I am a bit conflicted! I am not being unsupportive when I say that, I think its he is great following his dream! But this is my blog and I get to be honest right?! BUT It makes Dave happy and for now that's ok by me."


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