Jim Montello

Here's what I'd like to know.  I'd like to know why one of you guys didn't tell me about Jim Montello a long time ago.  Apparently this 5'11", 170# boy next door came and went over at BG East three years ago, as both of his only two appearances there are a bit dated.

Somebody recently repaid a favor by sending me BGE's Gazebo Grapplers 8, which features tan and fit Montello in a 2007 outdoors match against Tony Cosenti.  (Thank you!!!)

Let me tell you, the picture above does not do the sweet-faced muscle stud justice--you have got to see this body under duress to fully appreciate it, and you've got to see the way this guy clenches his fists, like he's gonna scrap, not just wrestle, at the beginning of every round for him to totally win you over.

On the weight of this single match, Montello has shot up to the top of my pocket-pinball list of BGE talent, vying with Cole Cassidy and Mike Martin for top spot.  (A quick side note to Kid Leopard:  "If you're reading this, can you please please bring Montello back to fight Cassidy and Martin? ... or anybody?") 

Now I will probably have to dip into emergency funds to buy this sweet tough's only other match, against veteran Mikey Vee, in Gazebo Grapplers 5, since I don't think I can much longer delay the gratification of seeing Montello on the mat one more time.


  1. "Gazebo Grapplers 5" was the Much better of the two matches. If you thought his body looked wound up in G8, you oughta see what he was like vs Mikey V in G5


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