Michael Knight

The "German Highlight" 24-year-old Michael Knight, 5'10", is hot and tough, and as these fifteen pictures attest, he's got the moves too.  He's wrestled in the US and France, as well as in his home country, Germany.  Built like a brick shithouse and with a darkly handsome face that eerily resembles that of an old friend of mine (hmmm ... um ... care to wrassle, F?), Knight is a popular fighter in Germany, with all the agility, grit, ferocity, and animal magnetism of a legend.

Versus blond heel Steve "The Vision" Douglas, 9 May 2009, Lübeck, Germany, in a ladder match for the International Mad Wrestling Association Championship (via MWALuebeck)

Settle in, fellas, this is gonna be long and tasteeee ...


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