Patrick Rouge versus Chad Dylan (Review)


Patrick Rouge, 5'10", 175#, in blue and Chad Dylan, 5'11, 175#, in red go at it in the latest installment of Naked Kombat like a couple of cheetahs on Animal Planet.  This fight, like others of the better fights on NK, is a not-so-gentle reminder of the link between violence and sex.  It's no evolutionary accident that men hit their sexual peak right at the age when they're most prone to brawling, joining fight clubs, or tuning in to UFC.  Alpha males are made this way.  Fighting is fucking--it's just another form of it--a non-procreative side--a side where male ego tries to top male ego--to compete and jostle, to master and control.  Step up and face your rival nose to nose, make him say he gives it all up to you and he likes it, then pound his sweaty ass to the mat.  Patrick Rouge is a hot-looking competitor, coming into this match with three wins and three losses, eager to prove he's as good a top as he is a bottom.  He has, he says, military training in hand-to-hand combat.  Maybe.  He definitely hustles, and in a flash he's all over hairy newby Chad Dylan, equally hot with a slight height advantage.  If you haven't tapped into the kinky roughhouse Olympics of Naked Kombat, Rouge versus Dylan is as good a place as any to start.


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