Marty Scurll, 21, 5'9", 170#, wrestles solo and as one third of the Leaders of the New Pack (with Zack Sabre Jr. and Paul Robinson) at International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom (IPW:UK).  Solo, he wrestles as either a babyface or a heel in a variety of British leagues.  He made his professional wrestling debut at age eighteen for All Star Wrestling.


  1. Great pics as usual. I do like the attire in teh B/W better. Where are more ZS in those trunks. I',m tired of the blue/white square cuts. I hope you found the "rubbing" episode of LDRS TV amusing. I did. It is apparent to me that Marty is playing teh Jessica Simpson part and therefoire I bet that he will turn against ZS in the not to distant future. Any one else agree. I know..I should get a job as a story Comptroller


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