Monday, March 22, 2010

Steve Fender

Balding is hot.  It's a scientific fact that testosterone is a leading cause of male baldness--and I like testosterone.  I like what testosterone does for dicks, adam's apples, pubes, vocal cords, jawlines, chins, noses, shoulders, and rib cages, so why should I reject it just because it makes one's hair fall out?  Small price for a deep voice and a fat cock, I say--to say nothing of combativeness. 

Missouri indy wrestler Steve Fender, 31, 6'0", is a family man and a hottie.  I've long been too prejudiced against family men, but then I haven't met many who looked good in tights.  Trained by Harley Race, Fender has appeared on air in a number of WWE events, though frankly the name is new to me.  He entered my radar just yesterday while I was searching online for someone else entirely.  He and Mark Sterling are the tag-team champions at Race's World League Wrestling, and he's been wrestling professionally since 2000.  Anyone with more info on this man, shoot me some news and photos, please.

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  1. AKA Superstar Steve, 6', 213 lbs. Wrestles for TWA as well. Seven matches in 2012, between March and May. Record 2-5. He owns a tag-team championship.



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