Steve Fender

Balding is hot.  It's a scientific fact that testosterone is a leading cause of male baldness--and I like testosterone.  I like what testosterone does for dicks, adam's apples, pubes, vocal cords, jawlines, chins, noses, shoulders, and rib cages, so why should I reject it just because it makes one's hair fall out?  Small price for a deep voice and a fat cock, I say--to say nothing of combativeness. 

Missouri indy wrestler Steve Fender, 31, 6'0", is a family man and a hottie.  I've long been too prejudiced against family men, but then I haven't met many who looked good in tights.  Trained by Harley Race, Fender has appeared on air in a number of WWE events, though frankly the name is new to me.  He entered my radar just yesterday while I was searching online for someone else entirely.  He and Mark Sterling are the tag-team champions at Race's World League Wrestling, and he's been wrestling professionally since 2000.  Anyone with more info on this man, shoot me some news and photos, please.


  1. AKA Superstar Steve, 6', 213 lbs. Wrestles for TWA as well. Seven matches in 2012, between March and May. Record 2-5. He owns a tag-team championship.


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